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Gyeongju Festival
2009 Gyeongju’s Liquor and Rice Cake Festival
This event hopes to once again take a leap by making a remarkable change in the structural improvement of Gyeongju’s Liquor and Rice Cake Festival. The festival aims to be remembered as a significant cultural event and to widely spread the excellence of the sumptuous Korean culture through its liquor and rice cakes.
By overcoming the restrictions on the festival materials, appetizers served with liquor will become the talk of the town as Gyeongju’s special products that blend well with the Korean rice cake, so that rice cakes can be prepared in various styles. Accordingly, these various styles of rice cake can contribute to uplifting the popularity of this festival and the current status of the local economy.

Summary of Event

Title 2009 Gyeongju’s Liquor and Rice Cake Festival
Theme Spread the Korean taste, flavor and excitement to the world!
Subtitle Charmed by the one-thousand-year-old taste of Silla!
Location The entire Hwangseong Park area in Gyeongju
Period Saturday, April 18, 2009 to Thursday, April 23, 2009
Sponsor/Supervisor Gyeongju City and the Organizing Committee for Gyeongju Culture and Tourism Festival
Supporter Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Gyeongsangbuk-Do, Korea Tourism Organization, Kyeongbuk Tourism Development Corporation

Event Feature

Increasing the Popularity of Gyeongju Liquor!!!

  • Promoting different brands of liquor produced in Gyeongju
  • Publicity of various brands of liquors such as the Gyodong Beopju, Gyeongju Beopju, Sillaju, Hwanggeumju, Gyeongju Makgeolli (raw rice wine) and so on.
  • Producing Cocktails using Gyeongju Liquor

Overcoming Restrictions on the Festival Materials!!!

  • Rice cake is made into various foods through appetizers served with liquor, in association with other special products from the Gyeongju Region
  • Side dishes that go well with liquor are Hanwoo, the Korean beef (Ddeokgalbi, skewered Hanwoo, small-packaged products and so on)
  • Side dishes using Gampo’s Chamjeonbok (abalone) and seafoods (preparing various products)
  • Silla’s Isageum food (Namsaegoldongban, Jangguksu, Yangsaengtang dishes, etc.)
  • Silla’s one-thousand-year-old garden (rice cake café)
  • A children’s food booth that shall prepare and serve popular children’s menus, which include Hwangnamppang (a sort of bread), sweet-and-sour pork with mushroom, Hanwoo hamburger, ice cream and baked rice ball

Changing People’s Perceptions about Drinking Alcohol!!!

  • Breaking the existing image of liquor
  • Rubbing liquor/spreading liquor/sinking liquor/food liquor

Use of Trends!!!

  • Promoting the epic TV drama series, “Queen Seondeok” through a mutual agreement with MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation), the show’s production team
  • Other publicity activities related to the epic TV drama series, “Queen Seondeok” (to acquire the desired level of recognition)
  • Pre-production promotions and publicity of the drama series, as well as public relations for the Gyeongju Region, shall be conducted during the festival since the festival will be held before the airing of the TV series.

Acquisition of New Targets by Installing a “Kiddie Zone”!!!

  • Fairy tales about liquor and rice cakes
  • Children-only programs
  • Presentation of stories about rice cakes and liquor that appear in fairy tales with lively and colorful characters for the enjoyment of children as well as other visitors
  • Production of service programs, through which children can take pictures with the characters

Various Events of Dongju Cities’ Publicity Teams!!!

  • Performance of Dongju (other cities whose names also end with ‘ju’, such as Gyeongju, Sangju, Yeongju, Wonju and others) Cities’ performance teams and display and sales of local products
  • Promoting the meaning of these Dongju cities and public relations for sister cities

Operation of Differentiated Performance Programs!!!

  • Development of programs in which families can participate
  • Development of programs using available materials related to Silla’s cultural assets
  • Programs using the Poseokjeong Pavilion
  • Experience programs where people can float liquor glasses by using the Poseokjeong set
  • Take charge of setting the stage where a performance from “Queen Seondeok” is presented
  • The Poseokjeong set is a very good place for visitors and tourists to take photos. Various props are displayed so that visitors can take pictures around this set.
  • Dinner with Silla’s Queen
  • Queen Seondeok’s re-enactment (performance program)
  • - Performs a play that reenacts a scene when a dinner party in the palace was held together with Queen Seondeok during the Silla Era
  • - Dramatizes the actual events that happened in the dinner party
  • Liquor and carnival
  • Certain areas are designated as parade sections where these sections are operated more than three times a day
  • Provision of a sampling party, allowing people to try out liquor spread in the parade
  • Local people are allowed to directly manufacture the flutes for the paradeㆍRice cake throwing over one’s shoulders
  • Rice cake throwing over one’s shoulders
  • With no lines or scripts necessary, this performance of throwing cakes over one’s shoulders allows the people to actually feel the rice cakes being thrown over.
  • Of the many steps in the production process of pounding rice for cakes, this rice-cake-throwing performance receives the largest attention.
  • Various attractions will be provided through the specialized performances and with participation of the visitors
  • Seorabeol’s tasteful life
  • Sample foods from the Gyeongju Region, including liquor and rice cakes, will be cheerfully shown during a Food Show, which is a new addition to the festival. This show, as well as other various attractions, will set a festive mood and provide a better understanding of Gyeongju’s food.
  • Silla’s noble atmosphere will be created through many pleasurable things and with the direct participation of visitors.
    ※ The Food Show would be held to directly showcase how famous cooks prepare delicious menus.

Setting up Free Activity Sites

  • Experience Silla’s traditional way of making liquor, its traditional tea ceremony, traditional way of playing, liquor and rice cake displays, and so on, as well as the five processes of rice-cake-making: making, pounding, steaming, stewing and boiling.
  • Setting up a free space for people to move around without commercial purposes

Paid Activity Sites

  • Foot-bathing in liquor, women’s beauty care using liquor, etc.

Event Information

  Date Venue Event Programs and Performers
Opening Ceremony Saturday, April 18, 2009,
17:00 to 21:00
Main stage ◦ Opening ceremony, ceremonial performances, congratulatory performances, fireworks
◦ Local and international tourists, as well as local and foreign guests that were invited by Gyeongju City and the event participants
The Eve of the 2009
Miss Gyeongbuk Pageant
Friday, April 17, 2009,
17:00 to 21:00
Main stage ◦ Presided over by a TV announcer
◦ A Talent Show. Miss Gyeongbuk Pageant candidates shall present their talents though singing, dancing and other performances, with performances from famous singers and others.
◦ Welcome dinner party
2009 Miss Gyeongbuk Pageant Saturday, April 18,
2009, 18:00 to 21:00
Main stage ◦ Presided over by a TV announcer
◦ Final selection of the Miss Gyeongbuk Pageant, with performances from famous singers and others
◦ Fireworks
Theme Program Saturday, April 18 to
Thursday, April 23, 2009
Event Hall ◦ Re-enactment of the Poseokjeong Pavilion (liquor pond) and the Queen of Silla’s dinner party
◦ Rice cake throwing over one’s shoulders
◦ Seorabeol’s tasteful life
◦ Silla’s Isageum
Exhibition Saturday, April 18 to
Thursday, April 23, 2009
Event Hall ◦ Country of liquor and rice cakes (theme division)
Special Event Saturday, April 18 to
Thursday, April 23, 2009
in front of
the main stage
◦ Gyeongju’s liquor foot-bathing/liquor and rice cake carnival
◦ Folk contest of rice-cake-throwing over one’s shoulders
◦ Booths for an unlimited sampling party of Gyeongju’s folk liquor/appetizers with Gyeongju’s special products
◦ Booths for side dishes made of Hanwoo (Korean beef)/side dishes from the Silla Era
◦ Appetizers made from seafoods from the East Coast
◦ Silla’s historical journey into the starlight
◦ Queen Seondeok’s parades
◦ Folk rice-cake-throwing plays
Subsidiary Event Saturday, April 18 to Thursday, April 23, 2009   ◦ 2009 Miss Gyeongbuk Pageant
◦ Dongju cities’ publicity team event
◦ Introduction of Silla’s history and cultural foods
Experience Event Saturday, April 18 to Thursday, April 23, 2009   ◦ Experience Silla’s five processes of rice-cake-making
- Making, pounding, steaming, stewing, and boiling of rice cake
◦ The smile of one-thousand-year-old Silla
◦ Experience liquor making and the traditional tea ceremony
◦ Kiddie Zone
→ Old Tales Related to Rice Cakes - Haenim Dallim/ Ddong Ddeok
Regular Event Saturday, April 18 to
Thursday, April 23, 2009
  Performance of a rice cake seller (Tall Pierrot), with many other street eventsど
Sales Event Saturday, April 18 to
Thursday, April 23, 2009
  Sampling party and selling of liquor and rice cakes, setting up and managing exhibits on industrial arts, setting up and running a public relations pavilion for agricultural and marine products, souvenir shops in Gyeongju City and others.ど
Closing Ceremony Thursday, April 23, 2009   With the delightful melody of folk music, the closing ceremony will be luxuriously conducted with fireworks and with the Daedongje Festival where all event participants can come together to pledge to meet again at the next festival.