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Gyeongjugyodongbeopju(Liquor of Gyo-dong in Gyeongju)

Fixed classification important intangible cultural properties
Fixed number Important Intangible Cultural Propertiesno86house
Address 69 Gyo-dong,Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Contact address Gyeongju City Department of Culture and Tourism 054-779-6391
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  • Beopju is a liquor that has been brewed for generations in the home of the rich master Choi of Gyeongju.
    It was first brewed by Choi Guk-Sun, who was in charge of the food at the Royal Court during King
    Sookjong’s reign in the Joseon era, after he returned to his old home. Thus, it originated from the Court.
    September to April is the most opportune time for brewing in Korea, but this liquor can be made and
    preserved throughout the year. Water is an important material for liquor, and Beopju is brewed with water
    from a well at the home of Choi. Wheat yeast and glutinous rice are used for the crude liquor, and boiled
    glutinous rice is also put to add to the liquor, after which the liquor is ripened for about 100 days.
    The ripened Beopju has a transparent slightly yellow color with a bright appearance, and tastes smooth
    and slightly sour with a distinctive fragrance and sweetness. At the moment, the maestro of this liquor is Bae Yong-Shin.
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  • Telephone : Gyeongju City Department of Culture and Tourism 054-779-6391
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  • FAX : Gyeongju City Department of Culture and Tourism 054-779-6399
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