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Gyeongjuseokbinggo(Ice storage in Gyeongju)

Fixed classification treasures
Fixed number Treasures no66house
Address 449-1 Inwang-dong,Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Contact address Gyeongju City Depart
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  • This is an ice storage made in the Wolseong Fortress in the 14th year of King Yeongjo’s reign in the
    Joseon period (1738). It lies lengthily from south to north on the northern part of the Fortress.
    It is a 19m-long, 6m-wide, and 5.45m-tall rectangular stone chamber for which about 1,000 stones were
    used. The outside of the ceiling has a burial mound tumulus shape. On the rainbow-style ceiling are
    three air holes, and the bottom is inclined, with a groove dug to drain water. The entrance is on the
    south, and people are supposed to enter through the stairs.
    The script Sungjeonggiwonhujaesinyuchupalwoligigaechuk that is carved on the forehead stone of the
    entrance to this ice storage suggests that it was moved and built here in the 17th year of King Yeongjo’s
    reign (1741). On the stone monument next to this storage is carved a script that says, “Jo Myeong-
    Gyeom, the Governor of Gyeongju, made an ice storage with stones and moved it here three years later.”
    An old site still exists about 100 m west of this ice storage (Seokbinggo).
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